About Grand Rapids Transport

Grand Rapids Transport began operations in 1986 as Sunrise Transportation. At the time, 5 trucks operated out of the west side of the current terminal in Jenison, MI. In 1990, the company reorganized with the addition of Robert Fedewa as co-owner and became Grand Rapids Transport, Inc. Business ramped up, the truck fleet grew, and walls were knocked down to expand the business and make full use of the complex. In 2006, Gerry Brom retired and Robert brought in Fedewa Advertising owner, David Fedewa. In 2015, Robert and David became co-owners, transitioning Grand Rapids Transport into a 2nd generation family business. Grand Rapids Transport has maintained original customers, and even a few drivers from the 1980’s, with the addition of a few more.

Grand Rapids Transport’s dedicated employees take pride in who we are, and what we provide; a company committed to people, performance that doesn’t compromise safety, and an environment that promotes the core of why those values matter to our drivers, co-workers and customers… family.