Drop Deck Vans

What is a 53′ Drop Deck Van?

Grand Rapids Transport’s Drop Deck Van is a high cube 53′ Van with air ride and swing doors. The floor is built like a drop frame flat bed. The walls and ceiling are enclosed like a standard logistics van equipped with posts and e-tracks that can support straps and load locks.

Drop Decks are bigger than a standard van

After 11′ of standard dimensions in the nose (11′ L x 99.5″ W x 110″ H), the floor drops down one 18″ step for remaining 42′ to the doors, increasing the height inside (42′ L x 99.5″ W x 128″ H).

Drop Decks raise to dock height

An automatic hydraulic lift raises the trailer exactly 18″ flush to a standard dock. The height may also be adjusted for non-standard docks. The lift is safer than chocking wheels and is designed to hold the weight and motion of a forklift.


Loading Specifications

The Max Weight = 40,000 lbs due to the low profile tires that are required.

The trailer must have 18″ of clearance above the dock opening to allow the drop deck to raise to dock height. Some rain guards or fixtures may prevent the trailer from raising.

Loading the upper deck is important for weight distribution. 25% of the weight should be on the deck, and the rest evenly distributed in front of the rear axle, if possible. To load the full upper deck, place a pallet on the deck, then the next pallet pushes the other back. At the receiver, our driver will hook a tow strap to the pallet and forklift to pull the rear pallets onto the forks.

Diagram & Pallet Layout

Deck Dimensions
image of the
Hydraulic lift raises trailer flush to dock